Impact100 Sydney aims to make a primary grant of $100,000 each year.  The successful applicant will demonstrate high impact and a measurable difference with this $100,000 grant.

Grant Objectives

Our cause area for this year is social inclusion.

In 2018 Impact100 Sydney will consider applications for projects that:

1. Involve one or more of the following target communities

  • Young people at risk (up to age 25 years)
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • Refugees

2. Engage these communities at a design and implementation level to deliver greater participation, empowerment and a sense of belonging for the community.

3. Target these specific communities within the Greater Sydney region, for a defined duration and with measurable goals.

4. Demonstrate ongoing benefit to the community and/or the organisation's sustainability.

We will be interested in applications from charitable organisations that: 

  • have both Deductible Gift Recipient 1 (DGR1) and Tax Concessional Charity status (TCC) from the Australian Taxation Office. (To confirm your DGR 1 status, enter your ABN at this link)
  • have an annual revenue under $5 million
  • conduct projects within Greater Sydney and that benefit Sydney-siders.
  • Applications are welcome from eligible charities from all states and territories of Australia.

Additional Conditions

  • All recommendations for funding are at the discretion of the committee and subject to approval by the Sydney Community Foundation as Trustee 
  • Reasons for rejection of proposals will not necessarily be given
  • It is expected the grant funds will be expended within 12 to 24 months and that the project will utilise the full grant. Formal six-monthly progress reports will be required
  • Impact100 Sydney reserves the right to change its criteria without notice at any time.

Expenditure that will not be considered for funding includes:

  • general operating expenses
  • debt reduction or operational deficits
  • operational salaries (salaries tied to the grant application program are permitted)
  • fundraising activities or events
  • religious organisations where the grant is intended for the principal benefit of the organisation’s own members or adherents, or where the grant is intended for inherently religious activities
  • legal expenses
  • general construction, capital campaign or renovation that is unrelated to a specific proposed project or program
  • travel outside Australia
  • projects that should be funded by the Government or other relevant bodies.

Please note:

  • A more extensive application will be required from shortlisted candidates.
  • You should ensure your organisation is eligible and that the project meets objectives before applying.
  • An organisation may submit only one application each year.
  • Organisations that have previously been awarded Impact100 Sydney grant may not re-apply in the subsequent years.
  • You will be advised whether or not we wish to receive a further detailed full grant application from your organisation.
  • If your organisation is among the selected four finalists (after review of the full applications), you will be required to give a 10-minute presentation at our annual grant awards event. This presentation would cover your organisation and what will be achieved if you receive the grant, and is a further opportunity to promote your cause.


Ready to Apply?

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The 2018 application form can still be viewed here to help you prepare for the next Grant Round.  

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