Be a part of a giving community

You can choose how involved you might want to be; from a simple donor to joining one of our operational committees. If you're looking to learn more about philanthropy, we can offer a great place to start.

 Impact100 Sydney offers its donors the opportunity to:

  • Share the giving process with others and be part of a network
  • Meet fellow donors with a common interest
  • Make philanthropy accessible

Being part of giving away a $100,000 grant is extremely satisfying and rewarding. Through collaborative giving you’ll be doing more with less, enhancing your giving and making a measurable impact. You’ll also have access to donor events, field trips and networking opportunities throughout the year. Not to mention sharing and learning opportunities amongst our not-for-profit communities.

Communication with members occurs via website, regular email updates and via social media platforms. 

Anyone interested in participating in the Advisory Committee that oversees Impact100 Sydney is encouraged to do so - our meetings are open to all Impact100 Sydney members.  Just get in touch with Corinne Kemp at so that she can link you in.

But the first step is to make your donation and join us a member!